Memorial Information

Judy’s memorial will be held in Beckley, WV.

When: 2pm, Saturday, Jan. 15

Where: Tamarack, One Tamarack Park, Beckley, WV

The Mortal Death of Judy Bonds Inspires a Call to Rise

In the mortal world death implies an ending, a decisive finality. The death of Judy Bonds leaves a void in the hearts of all who knew and loved her, but her death shall not signify the end of her work, nor shall it imply a pause in our fight for the abolition of mountaintop removal.

Judy’s passing from this mortal world shall serve as a call to rise. Her work will not be finished until we finish it for her. Although Judy has physically left our earthly world, let us acknowledge her spirit to live within each of us. Judy sometimes quoted “you are the one you have been waiting for.” Let us now call upon unity in this movement; Big Green groups, grassroots, top to bottom, bottom to top, to speak with one voice, to rise to a new level, re-energized, re-focused as never before.

I can feel Judy nudging each of us, “Hey guys, We are the ones We have been waiting for.” Let us fill the void in our hearts with Judy’s strength of mind to fight on. Let her passing serve as inspiration to hundreds of thousands of Appalachians and activists throughout our nation to unite in solidarity to demand the abolition of mountaintop removal.

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